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Who Are We?

The idea for Birdwings Fine Chocolate was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the early summer of 2012. Brother and sister Chris and Amy Nicolaisen met up on vacation in Amsterdam. Chris mentioned he knew a brother-sister team who launched a chocolate business and he thought Amy should look into it. She promptly and in the most big sisterly of ways told him he was crazy. A couple weeks later their Mom randomly loaned Amy a book on chocolate making. She started playing around and bringing her chocolate concoctions to parties. It was incredibly tasty, the flavor possibilities of chocolate just seemed endless and Amy really enjoyed learning about the science of chocolate. In the Fall 2012 she auditioned for the Rabbit Creek Christmas Towne Bazaar in Anchorage, AK and got in! She had no idea how much product would be sufficient so she spent the next 5 weeks making 3500 truffles. The chocolates were a hit and they have been making chocolate ever since.

For more than five years Amy has worked in the hospitality industry. She has experience in both the front of the house (Dining Room) and back of the house (Kitchen) performing every job from prep cook to dining room manager. She loves working with her hands and seeing the delight on people’s faces as they try a new chocolate. Amy is largely self-taught with help from the Loussac Public Library, YouTube and some wonderful culinary mentors in the Anchorage area. Chris is currently taking a break from chocolate making but we have a feeling he will be back before too long.

Birdwings Fine Chocolate is a chocolate manufacturer with heart. We are in the business of premium handcrafted chocolates and confections using the highest quality, all natural, local and premium ingredients available including sustainably harvested fine Belgian chocolate. Enjoy!