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Hi All

Thank you for all the support as I get Birdwings off the ground. The current truffle selection includes 12 flavors! I am always looking for ideas so please send your suggestions my way. Here is the current line up:

White Chocolate
-Amaretto White Chocolate: light and creamy with a hint of almond liquor
-Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed White Chocolate: the flavors of your favorite muffin captured in an ultra smooth truffle

Milk Chocolate
-Kaladi Espresso Milk Chocolate: locally roasted espresso beans and Belgian milk chocolate for the best mocha of your life
-Tia Maria Milk Chocolate: Coffee liquor infused milk chocolate
-Dark Rum Milk Chocolate: Velvety smooth with a hint of dark rum
-Coconut Milk Chocolate: Organic coconut and creamy milk chocolate for a vacation in every bite
-Cinnamon Milk Chocolate: Christmas in a truffle
-Milk Chocolate: Unadulterated milk chocolate, classic childhood reinvented
-Milk Chocolate Peanut butter: Creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate
-Dark Chocolate Mint: crisp and dark, what more could you want
-Dark Chocolate Orange: My favorite, zesty and rich
-Signature Dark Chocolate: A true chocolate lovers dream

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